Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 411 on creating Sets

Sets are an advanced feature of US Coin Collector, understanding how they work may take more effort than simply adding Coins. This post should get you started.

Many collectors enjoy collecting the entire series of their favorite coin. By 'entire series', we mean one coin from every year and mint combination. If a series ran for 10 years, and the coin was minted at two different Mints, Philladelphia and San Francisco, then the series would include 20 coins (10 * 2).

One of our customers favorite series is the Buffalo Nickel. A complete set of the series includes (81) coins. Typing in 81 coins is a frightful proposition.

The App makes this easy, you don't have to manually enter 81 coins.

  1. Select the Set's tab.
  2. Touch Plus (+)
  3. Touch Custom
  4. Enter a Name for the Set
  5. Touch +Series
  6. Touch Nickels
  7. Touch Buffalo Nickel
  8. Touch YES
  9. Press Done
When you are done, the App has created a new Set, created each of the 81 coins that are included in the Buffalo Nickel Series Set, and added each of these coins to the Set.

Pretty darn easy, hope you enjoy this new feature.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Filtering Inactive Coins

I've been sharing email with several customers discussing how the 'Active' ON OFF switch works. The idea behind this Active switch was, you might have coins in your collection that you no longer track, perhaps you sold these coins.

To reduce clutter in your Collection, you can open Coins that you've Sold and change their status to indicate you've sold them.

Filter to show only Active coins:
  1. Find coin, maybe use the Search.
  2. Touch Coin opens Coin in Edit mode.
  3. Touch Active toggle switch, changing ON to OFF. Save. 
  4. Notice Inactive shows red lettering.
  5. Select the Action menu on the Coins view, top right of screen.
  6. Notice first item: "View All Coins". Touching this row will cycle thru all options:
  • View All Coins
  • View Active Coins
  • View Inactive Coins

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