Monday, January 1, 2018

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Set Creation

Set Name

This input allows you to enter, change the Name used for the Set.

Automatic Match

During Set creation, the App has capability to search your entire collection for Coin's that should be members of this new Set. This saves you the time of having to individually search thru your Collection and manually designating which Coins should be part of this Set. If you'd like this automatic match-up, enable this option.

Create Coins

This option will instruct the App to automatically create Coins for your Buy list for any Coin in the Set which you do NOT already have. This will save hours of work.  For example, Morgan silver dollars have over 400 distinct coins. If you were to manually add all 400 of these coins, it would likely take 2 days. The App can do that for you in 30 seconds if you enable this option.

If you'd like to create a Set covering every issue in a Type, this option and the Automatic Match option, will save literally days of typing.


This option is useful when adding / updating a Set. It will cause the App to Sort the Set by natural order (Issue within Type). If you don't enable Sort, new coins will be added to the end of the Set.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Coin Grade View

Video Tutorial - Entering Coin Grade

All inputs in this view are 100% optional, don't know the grade then skip.

Coin Grade allows you to enter whatever grade you choose, whether the coin is graded in a 3rd part plastic slab, or a simple 2x2 card-board holder.

In the Basic section, you have the choice of entering a text description of the grade, and calling it a day. If you prefer a more precise designation, use the Advanced section.

Coin Issue View

This view provides two paths: basic input, advanced.

Basic input allows you to manually enter coin issue information, which typically includes the year and mint mark.

Advanced input allows you to specify more detailed information, all of which is optional. Best way to enter advanced input is to select the issue as listed for this Type in the scroller wheel displayed at the bottom of the view.

In the example screen, the scroller displays: "1907 No Motto MS".

Selecting from this list will automatically populate the REF #, which is the Coin reference number PCGS assigns to all coins. In the example, a 1907 $10 Indian gold eagle has a REF # of 8865

All advanced inputs are optional, however, the REF# is important as it enables integration with PCGS Coin Facts. If the coin has a REF#, the App can open PCGS's CoinFacts web page for that specific coin.

Coin Type View


This view is perhaps the most important view in the App.  The Lookup option in Advanced allows you to select the coin's Type from the built-in coin dictionary. Selecting the coin from the built-in dictionary will automate some inputs you would otherwise need to enter.

If the coin you want to enter is not contained within the built-in dictionary, you can still add it you just need to enter a couple of more bits of information.

Advanced (Optional)

To complete this section, first select the "Lookup...". This will display a complete list of all US coins ever minted, allow you to choose the exact type you are adding. Furthermore, the Weight and Precious Metal type will be automatically updated based on the Type of coin you just selected from the "Lookup...".

If the Coin is not contained within the built-in dictionary, you can manually set the Precious Metal type and Weight.

Coin Price View


This section provides details on the purchase of a coin. A coin is considered on the "Buy" list when no purchase date has been entered. Once a purchase date is entered, the coin is considered owned.

Quantity field allows you to indicate how many of these coins you own. Entering a quantity is a lot easier than entering the same coin multiple times. Personally use the quantity field for common coins, coins which may not have a unique or special numismatic value, for example, pre-1964 silver US coinage.


This section helps establish the Market value of this coin. For most cases, you will enter an Estimated value for the coin. Best source for this kind of information is either an issue of Coin World, eBay or Heritage completed auctions, or for those particularly rate coins PCGS's current coin prices page.

By default, when you open the Estimate view, the App will automatically open a view of current eBay auctions matching that coin.

For coins that are precious metals, the Melt (Gold, Silver) item will show the melt value for the coin. The melt value is calculated as the weight in precious metal for this coin multiplied by the current spot price of the underlying precious metal. The App automatically resolves current spot price real-time, in the background. It then multiplies this by the Weight value entered in the Coin 'Type' view. For coins contained within the built-in dictionary, this happens automatically.

Melt Premium is an optional value you might enter as an alternative to the Estimated value. Common gold coins, like 20th century Saint-Gaudens, typically sell for Spot + $150 in grades up to MS-60. Higher grades have higher melt premiums.


Once you've sold a coin, use the Sold inputs to enter the sold price and date.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

v6.68 - Release Friday 1-15-2016

Thank you everyone, for your patience and support. I'm coding this app as a hobby, not enough $$ to support full-time. Help, tell everyone

It's been far too long since the last release, why is that? 

My original versions shared code. I got sloppy. That lead to overtime, lots of it. 

Fixed that, no more overtime.

Send suggestions please :)

  • Fixed all known outstanding bugs
  • Added missing 2015 issues
  • Search no longer requires exact text search, is now case insensitive (Gold, GOLD, gold all same)
  • Added two grading companies for Whartons (IGS, PCC)
  • Added Redbook sort order to Mac main window, click the image column header.
This is OUR app, let's make it better Together !

-john (programmer)
Find a problem, let me know. (

US Coins, voted best Apple Coin Collecting App.
Video training Tutorials

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Learning Coin Sets Tutorial

Coin Sets are powerful and complicated. Take a look at the following YouTube training video to help understand how this works.

Hope that helps-

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why are my coins appearing in Buy List

Why are coins I own appearing in my Buy List?

Great question, thanks for asking.

Any coin without a purchase price, appears in the Buy List.

The rational: once you buy a coin, you enter the price you paid. No price, must not have paid for it yet. Once you purchase a coin, enter the price and it disappears from the Buy List.

But wait, half my coins were gifts from Grandpa. What about them?

That's fine too, just enter a purchase price of at least 1 cent and BAM, the coin disappears from your Buy List.

Hope that helps-

Friday, August 1, 2014

Action Menu ~ what is it?

Many customer questions come into my support line, frequently the solution involves something in the Action menu (Backup, Restore, Spot Prices, Sorting, etc.).

The picture below shows the Action menu, a menu item that looks like a piece of paper with an up-arrow thingy. It's sometimes hard to communicate via email what this Action menu thingy is, so I'm providing a post here so people might be able to see a picture.

You know what they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Set Management

This feature is so cool, if you don't own a Mac you'll buy one.

All Sets

This section lists all existing sets. Select a set to edit by clicking on the set description. To delete a set, select the description and click button "Delete Set". To create a set, click "Create Set".

Edit Set

This section shows all properties of a set, including the name, description, and issues.

There are two buttons for adding issues to a set:
  1. Add Issue...
  2. Advanced...

Add Issue...

Clicking this button opens a new dialog which then allows you to select a new coin for the set. Use it to add coins one at a time.

For example, if you were creating a set of first year types, you would use this option to select the first year of each coin type, one at a time.


This option allows you to build sets based on a single Type.

For example, if you wanted to create a full Morgan year & mint set, use this option. The Morgan series contains over 400 coins, adding them one at a time would take many hours of work. This option will do that in seconds.

Remove Issue

Use this to remove an issue from the list of issues. Select the issue you want to remove and click Remove.

Help ~ Advanced Set Creation with US Coin (Mac)

A cool new feature for Advanced Set creation is queued-up and waiting for Apple to approve. Once Apple approves, the feature will appear in the next update of US Coin for OS/X. This is the version for folks using iMac desktop's, or MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.

Honestly, US Coin for OS/X is the best version we have.


Coin category, or sub-group. For example, the picture above shows "Half-Cents & Cents" as the Category. The category includes 1/2 Cent coins and Cent coins, of which there are many. Some categories (Dollars, Nickels) cover only a single denomination, while others (Gold Coins) may contain several different denominations. This is just the way Numismatic 'experts' have grouped coins for the last 10,000 years (give or take).

Name & Description:

These fields allow you to provide a short name and longer description for the Set. I typically just copy the Category to the Name and the Types description, to the Description. If you do the same, let me know and I will have the software simply do that as a default behavior.

Issue list

The main part of the window is composed of the Issues list which contains three columns:
  1. Have
  2. Include
  3. Issue Description
Near the top, left of the list you will notice a check-box labeled 'Select/Unselect' checking this check-box will cause every row in the Issue list to also change to either Selected (checked) or Unselected (unchecked). This makes it easy to quickly mass-select, mass-unselect all issues.

Near the top right you will notice the number of Issues found for the Type.


This column shows 'Yes' when a matching coin is found in your collection. A match is determined when the set coin's PCGS reference number matches a coin in your collection. If you have a coin in your collection with the same PCGS ref. number, then you have a match for this particular issue in the Set.


This column shows a check-box. When you click Save, the program will create a new set and will add every issue that has the check-box 'checked'. Un-check any coins that you would like to exclude, not add, to the set when it's finally created.

Issue Description

This column simply shows the official numismatic description of the coin issue.


Near the bottom of the view, notice two check-boxes:
  1. Automatically match...
  2. When no matches exist...

Automatically match...

This option determines a very powerful improvement provided with Advanced Sets, automatically matching set issues with coins already in your Collection. This feature is so cool I should be paid money for the update.

When you create a new Set, some of the coins required for the Set might already be hidden within your current Collection. This option does a powerful search of your Collection to find and then attach any coins you might already have.

Leave me a comment if you like this feature :)

When no matches exist...

This option was provided to allow you to control what previously was built-in behavior. When a new Set is created, the software can automatically ALSO create coins representing the new Set issues, in your Collection. Lots of people found this feature useful. Others hated it.

Check the check-box if you would like new Coins to be created in your Collection WHEN you don't already have them. These new coins will automatically appear in your buy list report (cool feature).