Saturday, May 5, 2018

Reports View

The Reports view allows you to view, create, and either Print or Email yourself reports on your Coin Collections.

Two of the reports have restricted Output options, see notes for Insurance and Export reports below.


This report prints an approximation of your net position, positive or negative. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial describing this view, click here.

Insurance (Printer Only)

The Insurance report will print full details for each coin, including the photos of the coins. This report can not be emailed as doing so would require all photos associated with your coins be attached to the email, something your email would not allow due to size limits.

Buy List

Coins on this report are coins you would like to add to your collection, but which have not been purchased yet. When you add new coins and skip specifying the purchase date, the software considers this a coin that you will purchase at a future date.

Collection Item Detail

This report provides a condensed list of all coin details, one row in the report for each coin you have.

Purchase Metal Cost by Ounce

This report prints a summary total of precious metal weights, by coin type.

Export (Email Only)

This report allows you to export coin collection details which can be imported into other programs (Numbers, Excel). The file is formatted using the industry standard CSV file format.


Similar to the Collection Item Detail report, prints one line summary of the precious metal content for each issue.


This report lists all duplicate coins, coins where the Type and Issue match.

Physical Inventory

This report can be used to do a physical inventory report.

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