Sunday, January 1, 2017

Coin Price View


This section provides details on the purchase of a coin. A coin is considered on the "Buy" list when no purchase date has been entered. Once a purchase date is entered, the coin is considered owned.

Quantity field allows you to indicate how many of these coins you own. Entering a quantity is a lot easier than entering the same coin multiple times. Personally use the quantity field for common coins, coins which may not have a unique or special numismatic value, for example, pre-1964 silver US coinage.


This section helps establish the Market value of this coin. For most cases, you will enter an Estimated value for the coin. Best source for this kind of information is either an issue of Coin World, eBay or Heritage completed auctions, or for those particularly rate coins PCGS's current coin prices page.

By default, when you open the Estimate view, the App will automatically open a view of current eBay auctions matching that coin.

For coins that are precious metals, the Melt (Gold, Silver) item will show the melt value for the coin. The melt value is calculated as the weight in precious metal for this coin multiplied by the current spot price of the underlying precious metal. The App automatically resolves current spot price real-time, in the background. It then multiplies this by the Weight value entered in the Coin 'Type' view. For coins contained within the built-in dictionary, this happens automatically.

Melt Premium is an optional value you might enter as an alternative to the Estimated value. Common gold coins, like 20th century Saint-Gaudens, typically sell for Spot + $150 in grades up to MS-60. Higher grades have higher melt premiums.


Once you've sold a coin, use the Sold inputs to enter the sold price and date.

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