Saturday, January 9, 2016

v6.68 - Release Friday 1-15-2016

Thank you everyone, for your patience and support. I'm coding this app as a hobby, not enough $$ to support full-time. Help, tell everyone

It's been far too long since the last release, why is that? 

My original versions shared code. I got sloppy. That lead to overtime, lots of it. 

Fixed that, no more overtime.

Send suggestions please :)

  • Fixed all known outstanding bugs
  • Added missing 2015 issues
  • Search no longer requires exact text search, is now case insensitive (Gold, GOLD, gold all same)
  • Added two grading companies for Whartons (IGS, PCC)
  • Added Redbook sort order to Mac main window, click the image column header.
This is OUR app, let's make it better Together !

-john (programmer)
Find a problem, let me know. (

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