Friday, May 11, 2012


Just a short note on how import/export feature works with all SaintsSoft App's.

Export is done through Reports, by choosing the Export Format and then the single report that can be exported, basically all columns of the collection in a CSV (Comma Separated File format).

Import is done through the Coin view, Action menu (top right from the main Coin collection view), same place where you sort the collection.

Import shows three Format options: Default, Carlisle, Custom.

Default -  same format exported by any SaintSoft App. This is the format to use when you want to export, edit some data, and then import.

Carlisle - format used by Carlisle Software Development's Collector's Assistant. If you are using Carlisle then this is the format to choose to import you collection.

Custom - customizable format, you can move columns around to match up with other possible import formats. The UX is clunky, and there are odd restrictions, I should know I wrote it and I hate it. Open to alternative suggestions on this monster, I'm hoping the first two options get the job done for most people.

john kountz - chief software architect
saintssoft llc

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