Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Features in Rel 4.15

We just wrapped coding & testing for release 4.15 of US Coin Collector & Gold Collector App's. Besides several productivity improvements, the other major change includes addition of two new coin types:

  1. Early American Colonials
  2. US Pattern and Type Coins
Both of these new types were a major undertaking, they include a massive number of new issues ~ about doubling the size of our coin dictionary. We've done something different with how we are rolling out these new coin types, we've made them optional content. That is a nice way of saying we need to ask our customers to step up and help fund our Company by purchasing these new types.

If you like the App, and you'd like us to continue releasing new features, we need your help. It turns out that our developers and testers like to eat, and eating is getting more and more expensive. They remain content living in shared housing, sleeping in common rooms filled with bunk beds and a single shared bathroom. But the prices of Pizza and Soda have been going up relentlessly. We are delighted to have just topped 1,000 paying customers, and we are most grateful they've had the courage to plunk-down $2.99 to pay for one of our App's.

We would love to continue delivering updates to the software, please help us keep going by considering purchasing one or both of these new coin type's. Our ETA from Apple is Wednesday, November 21st for approval of Rel 4.15.

Thank you,
SaintsSoft, LLC Development Team

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