Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Using Sets to quickly add hundreds of coins

There is a very fast way to enter an entire coin series, it's buried (for now) in Sets.

I've produced a YouTube tutorial showing how to do this (link)

It allows you to create every coin in a series (like Morgans) with a couple of keystrokes. If you don't have all of the coins, you can delete the coins you don't have.

1. Select Set's tab (Bottom, 2nd from left labeled Sets)
2. Select +
3. Select Custom
4. Select +Series
5. Select Dollars, then click YES in dialog asking about adding coins.
6. Select Done
7. Select Coins tab (Bottom, 1st item on left labeled Coins)

Notice that every single Morgan dollar was just added. That's hundreds of coins.

If you don't have every Morgan, find the one's you don't have and remove them. 

Hope this helps, questions always welcome, sometimes I'll actually be able to help :)


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