Friday, December 9, 2011

Quality coin photos

For collectors, part of the joy includes looking at your collection. When I was 12, this involved grabbing a shoebox hidden in a coat closet, and laying everything out on our living room floor.

I still enjoy that activity with our kids sets, but access to my collection now requires a trip to a Bank vault, and safety deposit box privacy room lighting conditions can't match a nice open living room.  What's a serious collector to do...

High quality photographs, carried around on a phone are a pretty terrific alternative. The photo shown in our iTunes product page shows a choice condition 1907 High Relief, Wire Rim Saint  $20 Double Eagle graded MS64 by PCGS.

This photo was taken in natural daylight using a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with a Canon Ultrasonic Macro Lens EF 100mm USM.

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