Sunday, December 18, 2011

gold collector v1.4 launch

Heads up, SaintsSoft, LLC has just release v1.4 of gold collector. With this release, we've fixed every bug we tracked while adding a new feature, Coin Facts for every coin in your collection.

From the coin edit view, you can now pop over to PCGS Coin Facts covering the coin issue you've selected. PCGS Coin Facts is THE definitive guide for numismatic information. PCGS Coin Facts provides a wealth of information you can't find anywhere else, although it is a bit more expensive than we'd like to see. At $140/year ($13/mo.), the cost is comparable to about 5 Coin Magazine subscriptions, or 2800% more expensive than the cost of our gold collector App.

For iPad users, the App now displays using the native iPad screen resolution, a nice improvement in usability. Please know we are working through the designs for fully native iPad version of gold collector,  stay tuned to this Blog for progress...

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