Sunday, January 1, 2012

US Coin Tip

Thank you for purchasing US Coin, delighted to have you as a Customer.

Version 8 contains a major improvement to the way backup/restore works. When you make a change on your Mac laptop & backup the change, your iPhone, iPad, Touch devices will detect the changes and prompt you to download (restore) them.

This makes it much easier to keep track of which device has the latest & greatest version of your coin collection. Anytime you make a change to the collection, followed by a Backup, you will get notified on every other device you use US Coin on that a change has been made and needs to be Restored.

This feature can be enabled/disabled, should you decide it's not helpful. On iOS you can configure this in Settings, on macOS in Preferences.

We have submitted both the iOS and macOS App's to Apple for review prior to release, typically that takes 2-3 days. Look for version 8.00

Questions are always welcome, please feel free to Email me.

Did you know about US Coin for Mac?

It uses the same coin data you have entered on your iPhone, shares it with the Mac via a FREE Cloud Storage account with Dropbox. We just released a new update on US Coin for Mac with lots of exciting features to help you enjoy your collection.

US Coin for Mac YouTube video: (link)



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