Monday, October 28, 2013

Adding new coins

Not sure this is very useful, we provided a really nice YouTube video tutorial that shows the same steps. No doubt, some folks prefer reading than watching.

The steps I personally use when adding a new coin. This is typical, definitely add steps with more coins than not. Most of my collection (100-150 coins) was entered long ago, to be honest, I added the coins as I built the software over three (3) years ago.

My new coin steps

1. From the Coins view
2. Click + (top of view)
3. Touch ‘Type’, select a type…
4. Touch ‘Issue’, select issue, touch ‘Save’.
5. Touch ‘Grade’, select grade, touch ‘Save’.
6. Touch ‘Acquired’, select grade, touch ‘Save’.
7. Touch ‘Code’, enter it, touch
8. Touch ‘Acquired’, select grade, touch ‘Save’.
9. Touch ‘Photo’
10. Touch ‘New’, snap a photo, touch ‘Use Photo’
11. Scroll so a new empty photo view is shown.
12. Touch ‘Existing’, select a photo
13. Touch ’Save’
14. Coins view is displayed
15. New coin is show at very top

I am always interested to hear what you, my customers would like me investing development.

john kountz
cheif software architect

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