Friday, May 9, 2014

Adding new photos

From the main Coins view,
  1. select a coin you’d like to add a photo for
  2. across top notice Details  Ref.  Photos.
  3. touch Photos text label, notice the change in view now shows Coin Photo(s)
  4. touch “New Photo”
  5. position your coin, click the round shutter button.
  6. if photo is good, select “Use Photo”

From the "Coin Photo(s)” view, (you have more than one photo)
  1. scroll up (finger down, drag from bottom to top) till you see a new section titled ‘Coin Photo(s)’
  2. touch ‘New Photo’
  3. position your coin, click the shutter
  4. if satisfied, select “Use Photo”
You can add as many photos as you'd like. Our MacBook version makes it easy to explore and arrange the coin photos.

Hope this helps folks-

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