Friday, February 22, 2013

Analysis View

Analysis view is designed to help identify trends, patterns, and possible errors in your collection.

For example, Coins entered without either an initial Cost or Estimated Market Value, could be potential errors. The reports to be truly valuable, require a cost is entered on each Coin. With the Cost, you can track how much you paid and hence, what you expect to be able to sell for - at a minimum. Estimated Market Value, or simply Value, is what you think the coin is currently worth should you sell it. This is equally important, and the basis for determining whether or not you make or lose money when it comes time to sell.

The Investment Summary section contains a high-level overall valuation for your collection. It's accuracy depends entirely on whether you've entered Cost on each Coin, same for Value.

Basic Statistics does simple average, min, max calculation which gives you an overall sense for what you've invested in your coins.

And finally, the Graded Coins section tracks a count of how many coins by coin grading company, you have in the collection.

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