Friday, February 22, 2013

Reports View

This view shows both Reports available, and the Settings that control generation.

The EMail option creates an email with the report composing the body of the Email. Should you need to send someone, even yourself, a copy of a report, this is the option to use.

Print option creates traditional printed reports.

Export option allows you to send a Comma Separated File (CSV) formatted file by email, to yourself for editing. This file can be opened in Excel, for example. 

Steps to Print
  1. Choosing "Print".
  2. Touch report to print.
  3. "Print preview" window opens.
  4. Scroll thru, verifying it contains what you are looking for. 
  5. Touch the Action menu (top right).
  6. Printer options displayed.
  7. Select a printer and other settings as appropriate.
  8. Touch Print.
Setting up a Wireless printer (Link).
HP Wireless printing (Link).

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