Thursday, February 21, 2013

Release 4.74 Features

Next release of US Coin Collector includes a bucket full of new features.

Coin Sales ~
We've added support for "Sold" Coins. The Coin Edit view adds a coin "Sale" date. Once you've sold a coin, enter the date and presto, the coin is now considered "Sold".  Once the coin is Sold, you can't revoke. (We'll change this to allow you to reactive, for now, be forewarned.)

The Reports view has also been changed. To view reports that include "Sold" coins, select the "Sold coins" switch in the Reports view. This will enable two date calendar controls: From and To. This allows you to enter a Sales period From one date, To another. For example, if you wanted to view all Coin sales for 2012, enter From: January 1, 2012  and To: December 31, 2012.

Then select the P&L report, as this is probably most interesting. The report will sort and group coin sales by Supplier code.  This will show you which suppliers are providing you with coins that are making you money, and which are costing you money. Perhaps a valuable bit of information.

Buy List ~
We added a "Buy List" view, which is designed to be used by Collectors at Coin Shows. This view shows coins in Sets that you are looking for. Once you buy a coin (indicated by entering a Cost), the coin disappears from this view. This view is accessible from the main Coins view, select the Action menu (top right), then the "Buy List". 

Filtering (Active, vs Inactive) ~
We've changed the visual's on how this works. The first implementation was too subtle, not sufficiently obvious. We changed this so that we display a  three option selector, which allows you to apply a global filter to what coins appear in all views. The options are: All coins, only Active coins, only Inactive coins.  We added this in-response to your request to filter out, and hide, coins which have been sold. So if you'd like your Sold coins to disappear, make sure you do two things: (1) Add a Sold date, (2) Change the coin status to Inactive.

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